Over the years, I have come to realize that my main interest was to find out about fictional or real characters through stories, stories in words, images, paintings, moving images. This is a vast domain and I'll be more able to define it after I understand my choices for this blog, which,probably, like all blogs, diaries, letters will end up being more about myself than anything else ! I mainly read in English but I'm more fluent in French as it is my mother tongue. I have not lived more than 7 years in a row in the same place or country since I left home at 18. That's why I have the feeling to be continuously jetlagged and I will eventually return where I belong. In the meantime, let's share and remember what is hardly perceptible in my life. Les petits riens de ma vie.



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    Carlton Alfred Smith (British, 1853-1946), “Recalling the Past”, 1888 by sofi01 on Flickr.

    This painting talks to me

    Alice Austen House Museum  vote for the house museum of one of the first female photographer at Partners in Preservation New York ! 

    Here’s the facebook page to see more photos

    Marie Bashkirtseff (1858-1884)

    This ‘Fragments’ tumblr would not be complete if I had not mentioned her. How is it that I waited so long? I suppose my imminent return to Paris accounts for my remembering her. There’s this book I bought in a collectors’ bookstores, rue St Sulpice in Paris, back in the late 80s, which has been following me everywhere since. Like me, it is going to return where it belongs. 

    Here are the cover, signature and first 2 pages of her last diary. Her picture above redirects to her wikipedia page. She is buried at the Passy cemetery in Paris and I was told that former French President François Mitterand would pay visits to her grave. Those young ladies who wrote their diaries in the end of the 19th century, would have been amazing bloggers nowadays. 

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