Over the years, I have come to realize that my main interest was to find out about fictional or real characters through stories, stories in words, images, paintings, moving images. This is a vast domain and I'll be more able to define it after I understand my choices for this blog, which,probably, like all blogs, diaries, letters will end up being more about myself than anything else ! I mainly read in English but I'm more fluent in French as it is my mother tongue. I have not lived more than 7 years in a row in the same place or country since I left home at 18. That's why I have the feeling to be continuously jetlagged and I will eventually return where I belong. In the meantime, let's share and remember what is hardly perceptible in my life. Les petits riens de ma vie.



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    A Life and/or a Story in paintings- Envies de- Bram Van Velde

    Expressions of the inexpressible (conversations with Samuel Beckett + BVV + Charles Juliet)


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